Wedding consultant Kaja Chowaniak

My name is K.C and I am more than just a wedding planner…I am also a wedding consultant and decorator, as well as event coordinator. I have immense knowledge of the industry due to my ten years of experience in gastronomy and hospitality. My passion for this world began there and has continued to develop for over two years while I have been participating in organizing a great amount of wedding ceremonies and receptions. I am constantly making dreams come true, and you have the opportunity to watch the next one unfold.

SOMARRYME.COM, wedding agency, my brand. A brand based on high quality services and a professional approach, which is addressed to a demanding client—a customer with class—who is looking for excellence which my company possesses.

I honed my knowledge of the wedding industry from the best wedding planner in Poland, Katarzyna Gajek, who built a wedding empire within 10 years. In her portfolio, you can find top names such as Marta Żmuda- Trzebiatowska, Małgorzata Kożychowska or Łukasz Podolski.

During the training conducted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Director of the Diplomatic Protocol, Irenę Lichnerowicz-Augustyn and Director Bogumiłę Więcław, I gained a comprehensive understanding about the diplomatic protocol, etiquette, and the savoir-vivre in business. I am focused on designing events arranged for my clients marked by adapting the valued traditions to the fresh, new look of the modern world.

This time for you is a standout occasion on its own, but with my help I will create touching memories that will last forever. In my opinion, a wedding is not a one-day event; although it truly takes only one word, it essentially requires months of preparation to be remembered for a lifetime.

I love the fact that planning these special occasions allows me to combine my passion, as well as my strengths: telling stories and arranging a spectacle with the help from great people from all walks of life. I am thinking about the initial feelings, the final affect we will achieve, and everything that comes in between.

I feel extremely rewarded seeing customer satisfaction and immeasurable joy that I am able to create relationships between my clients and I that last for years. This work allowed me to be more aware of what is truly important in my life and has awakened a great sense of creativity. I found my passion, and I have turned it into a business.